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RFK & PET: Our Beginnings in Advocacy
A Photo Gallery

with The Hon. Sheila Finestone

Appreciation for our support of major benefit drive to help Les Grands Ballets Canadiens.

An invitation to Stornoway.

At work with colleagues on urban re-development projects in Montreal in the 80's & 90's...

... and social housing for 11,000 oil workers and their families in Venezuela...

...and urban renewal in New York with 15,000 jobs created in co-operation with 40 progressive employers.

Daniel Z. Nelson, President of Nelson Equitie of New York., A great mentor on urban issues, the social agenda, the Democratic Party and most of all on how to be a civilized man in the public arena

Fascinating encounter at the Vicomte de Ribes' Union interalliée. A look at international influence and how it works.

John Turner's "Wonderful Wednesday" event.

Letter of thanks from the Rt. Hon. John N. Turner on being one of the charter members of the Laurier Club.

with Quebec Premier Bourassa and Nancy Mamane Wajsman

Profile upon opening Lamontagne,Wajsman & Assoc....the first incarnation of the Institute.

letter from Westmount Mayor Brian O'N. Gallery

Invitation to the famous Lalonde-Davey farewell party for the Prime Minister.

One of the last evenings with Prime Minister Trudeau at 24 Sussex before his resignation. The Prime Minister is sixth from right. BPW is at extreme left.

 Accompanying Trudeau Solicitor-General Robert Kaplan (2nd from left) to opening event of Bank Leumi Canada.Ernst Japhet, Bank Leumi Chairman, is 2nd from right, and Nancy Mamane Wajsman, the organizer of the event ,is at left.

Letter from the Prime Minister on my third election to his Board.

Invitation to the National Arts Centre Gala with Queen Elizabeth on the occassion of the repatriation of the Constitution.

Credentials as a legal counsel to the Non Committee in the 1980 Referendum.

...and always time for community service

Two fascinating State dinners, and two studies in contrasts,...one for King Hussein, the other for Menachem Begin.

On a fact-finding trip to Lebanon in '79 we came across this touching sign in English, Hebrew and Arabic at the "Good Fence" border crossing.

Congratulatory note from the Hon. Victor Goldbloom on editorship of the Canadian cultural quarterly "Viewpoints".

An article from the "Viewpoints" period that led to my trip to Lebanon.

Project Director for the Institute for Research on Public Policy study on "Access to Justice in Canada".

First invitation to observe a Cabinet session.

My involvement with Project Genesis, one of Montreal's largest and oldest street-front advocacy centres, started with legal aid clinics and went on to helping it get permanent institutional funding. It was one of the most gratifying initiatives I was ever involved with.

Bridging two divides.

Second election to a Liberal Executive.

First invitation to 24 Sussex.

Legislative Director and Chief Investigator for the Commission on Economic Coercion and Discrimination.

Report on the work of the Commission for the Canadian Press.

Received great help from Sen.Lloyd Bentsen, a true gentleman, and the staff of his U.S.Senate committee on the work for the Commission.

Chairing a week-long International Human Rights symposium at McGill University.This session was with John W. Pehle, Assistant Secretary of State for the War Refugee Board under President Roosevelt.

Jewish New Year's wishes following the Conference from a true man of destiny, Simon Wiesenthal, whom I had the privilege to get to know.

Serving with the Multicultural Commission of the Hon. John Munro.

First advocacy proposal to the PMO succesfully arguing against PLO entry into Canada.

Co-organizer of the largest human rights demonstration in Montreal's history. The culmination of a week of protests against Soviet abuses of political and religious dissenters.

Organizing student activists.

One of my first letters from the Prime Minister.

A summer at Cambridge University.

First address to a Liberal gathering in the 1970's. From left to right Prime Minister Trudeau, Sen.Dalia Wood, Quebec Political Minister Jean-Pierre Coté and Industry,Trade & Commerce Minister Jean-Pierre Goyer.

McGill Law graduation...free at last!

My credentials to my first Liberal convention.

The first of many conversations with Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau.


The beginning...stuffing envelopes for RFK...personal images of the '68 New York campaign.


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