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David B. Harris
Domestic and International Intelligence

David B. Harris is a lawyer and Director of the International Terrorist Intelligence Program at INSIGNIS Strategic Research Inc. Prior to his role at INSIGNIS, he served as a former Chief of Strategic Planning of the Canadian Security and Intelligence Services (CSIS). As a regular commentator on issues of terrorism and national security, his analyses have received national and international attention. Mr. Harris has appeared on numerous Canadian television programs on CBC, CTV, and Global TV, and in many Canadian newspapers. Internationally, Harris appeared as a witness at US Congressional subcommittee hearings in Washington, DC. He was quoted in the New York Times, the Washington Post, and international news services. He also appeared on "Fox News", "America's Most Wanted", CBS "60 Minutes", NBC "Dateline", "Today Show", "The CBS News with Dan Rather", and CNN "Wolf Blitzer Reports".

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