Institute for Public Affairs of Montreal
Wajsman for Mayor?

A helluva reaction for April Fool`s
Dan Delmar 1 April 2009  

April fools joke or not, it gave me great joy when I read about your desire to run for mayor.  I feel that Montreal needs someone like you who sees the chaos, controversy, dilemmas, and anxiety this city imposes on its residents.


Much like yourself, I believe that this city is truly a special place and with the right guidance, it could very well regain its former glory.  I am a staunch supporter of your candidacy and hope that, April fools or not, you do it and make a difference.


Justin Efraim



Hope Beryl is giving serious thought to running for Mayor. How refreshing would that be, an honest guy who cares about the good of the city and its citizens.
Good luck!
With support
Lori McGuigan

I want to congratulate Beryl on his potential candidacy. The Mayor of Montreal is a difficult position, but he is the best candidate

 Helene Audren


I think it is a good idea for Beryl to run.  He has the profile, the support and the knowledge.  I’m ready to help.

Albert A. Zbily


Congrats to Beryl! May I be of any assistance??

Ray Doucet



I say , “Go Beryl Go”.It takes courage , motivation, and determination

You are an excellent candidate for the job


But don't forget :  C'est le peuple qui vote , pas les journaux ,pas les propriaitaires  de commerces


Bonne Chance 


Charles Rabbat

Beryl Wajsman should run for mayor and in the event he wins, be given the authority to oversee the Montreal Island English school boards that are really dysfunctional. This idea is not far-fetched. Mayors have control over the school systems in Boston, New York and Chicago. Last Saturday, US Secretary of Education spoke at the National School Boards Association convention in California. The nation's top educator suggested that big-city mayors step up their involvement in failing school systems. The culture of arrogance, negligence, and extravagance of the QESBA needs to be reined in and I think Beryl Wajsman, as mayor, is the person to do it.


Chris Eustace                           Pierrefonds, QC                                                 



Just heard of your candidacy.  I can think of no better person for the job.


In the words of Harry S. Truman: Give them Hell!


Stephen Kwinter


Kudos to Beryl.. I sincerely hope he gets it... I don't know of anyone who would do a better job!!        Marilynn Vanderstaay




As an activist of long ago, I was elated to read in today's issue of the Suburban that someone is willing to stand up for the rights of the individual against the tyranny of government. I laud Beryl for his courage.


I only hope, if he is elected (touch wood!),  that his present good intentions do not get swamped by the pressures of the post and that the civil servants make sure that you hear only good things. I could name a few politicians that I had occasion to know, who faded after a while of being elected.


I am an old retired engineer who also was at one time shaken from my critic's armchair to act. Since I enjoy the memories and think up all sorts of schemes trying to improve the ways that we live.


Be assured of my support and willingness to participate if desired.


F. A. Leclaire




It was great to read The Suburban today. If there is any way I can assist Beryl in his drive to bring Montreal out of its cave of bureaucratic overkill and self-serving laws, I am there.

Bob  Galbraith



Right on!!! Go for it!

Admitting my self interest - bring the Grand Prix back to Montreal.


Best of luck!                               


Lewis W. MacKenzie, CM,OOnt,MSC and bar,CD


This is wonderful...right man right job..

How can I help with the race?

Rohinton Gandhi


 We presently have no choice at City Hall. Politicians have replaced “doers and care-ers”!! I think Beryl would make a super choice although I fear be might well be afflicted by the Michael Sabia-syndrome of not being “pure laine” enough for many of the city’s constituents!


 I would love to see him  make a run for it…. And would even be prepared to do my small part if called upon!


                              A l ‘attaque, M. Wajsman!!




                             Jonathan Birks


Cher Beryl,
Vas-y!  tu as toutes les qualités pour gagner. Tu es un vrai battant! Plein succès!

Freddy Eytan


Bravo Beryl! Bravo!

Michel Bourque



Good luck on this.  From what you write I think we have a great many things in common.  Glad to see you taking a stand.

Paul Stevenson



Beryl should go for it!  In these difficult times Montreal urgently needs some one with a well honed economic and social vision.  More importantly his candidacy would galvanize many of us to engage ourselves in public/municipal affairs and do away with the petty parochial debates that have for too long plagued the city hall.

Patrick C. Gagnon