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Speaking at Anti-Bill 14 Rally at Marois' office

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17 February 2013




Downtown Bill 14 protest draws hundreds

Posted By: CJAD news@cjad.com  2/17/2013 3:25:00 PM

Despite frigid temperatures and biting wind, some 200 people took part in a demonstration in downtown Montreal  protesting the PQ government's new language law. Waving placards and Canadian flags and shouting slogans of unity, Bill 14 opponents were not shy about voicing their discontent outside Pauline Marois's Montreal office this afternoon.

Bill 14 places additional restrictions on education, businesses and municipalities. Demonstration co-organizer Beryl Wajsman called the legislation vile, shameful and odious, and did nothing to promote linguistic peace in the province.  "What is Bill 14 's main goal?" asked Wajsman."Nothing but segregation and marginalization."

Organizers are urging opposition parties in the National Assembly to vote against the bill. Public consultations are due to begin in March.

Photos:  Patrick Lejtenyi CJAD

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